Google Updates The Gmail Landing Page, Keeps It 4:20. Twice.

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 10.26.58 PM

Not sure if you ever noticed, but the login screen features a phone with the time set to 4:20 (we didn’t notice this until our buddies at pointed this out). It’s pretty funny: Google, a multi-billion dollar company, features a 4:20 reference on [...]

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The Evolution of Smoking Marijuana On The Go


Back when I first started smoking there weren’t half of the innovations that we have now. If you wanted to toke up while you were out, you basically only had the choice between a joint or a small bowl. Things have changed quite a bit [...]

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Videos From The Slow Mo Guys’ Banger Week


Did you miss Banger Week by The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube? It was a week filled with daily videos of stuff exploding in slow motion and filmed at up to 15,000fps (frames per second). They make some pretty cool videos as you actually get [...]

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Video: The History of Grand Theft Auto (Documentary)


If you’re a gamer, it’s almost certain that you’ve spent a lot of hours terrorizing the streets in a Grand Theft Auto game. This sand box game has done some amazing things for the gaming industry, and it continues to do so even now. Rockstar [...]

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Police Confiscate 2 lb. Joint in Santa Cruz on 4/20


While 4/20 isn’t a national holiday yet, many people around the globe don’t have to have their arms twisted to enjoy a bit of green for the occasion. This is no different for Santa Cruz students who have begun the tradition of gathering in the [...]

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4/20 Collection of Beautiful Marijuana Nug Pictures


Afrwreck I think every marijuana smoker can agree that looking at pictures of beautiful marijuana nugs never gets boring, especially when they are covered in trichomes. We decided to team up with and post some of their ridiculously dank pictures of medical marijuana. If [...]

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10 Things Necessary For A 4/20 Smoke Session


It seems like every smoker I’ve talked to has some sort of smoking routine they like to follow; maybe you throw on your favorite tunes, movies or maybe you have a particular chair you like to sit in. Either way, it should be a relaxing [...]

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Video: Cheech & Chong’s “Anthem (WEed Are The World)”


This video is awesome. It’s the music video for Cheech & Chong’s “Anthem (WEed Are The World),” which is from their movie debuting in select theaters today: Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie. The song is from the official soundtrack to the movie, which is already [...]

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