Eight Videos From The First Day of Legal Recreational Marijuana in Colorado


Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably have heard that marijuana is legal for recreational use in Colorado. There are restrictions on where and how much marijuana you can possess, but the first sales of legal marijuana on Wednesday marked a monumental [...]

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10 Awesome Videos About Marijuana Concentrates, BHO, and Dabs

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 8.53.51 PM

Do you dab? Well, regardless if you dab, tons of marijuana users are “dabbing” to consumer their cannabis and it is the new hot trend. This list of videos has something for everyone, regardless of your familiarity with cannabis concentrates. If you have never heard [...]

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Videos From The Slow Mo Guys’ Banger Week


Did you miss Banger Week by The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube? It was a week filled with daily videos of stuff exploding in slow motion and filmed at up to 15,000fps (frames per second). They make some pretty cool videos as you actually get [...]

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Top 12 Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube Videos


Jimmy Kimmel is one of my favorite late night hosts out there right now. The show’s writers are always coming up with hilarious sketches and pranks that set them apart from all of the other late night shows. Today we’re going to go through 12 [...]

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10 Awesome Medical Marijuana Strain Review Videos


Marijuana has come a long way in recent years. There are all kinds of strains out there that have been perfected down to a science. You have different types of smells, flavors and buzzes to choose from which makes smoking even more fun. Today we’re [...]

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10 Must-See Optical Illusion Videos From YouTube


Optical illusion videos are some of my favorite YouTube videos to watch when I am stoned because the stuff people can make with technology nowadays is mind-blowing. There are definitely some very talented people out there, and here are 10 awesome optical illusion videos from [...]

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10 Things To Do When Stoned


If you’ve been smoking cannabis for any amount of time, it’s almost certain that you’ve developed a routine, or perhaps have a few things that you like to do while buzzed. I think it’s safe to say that nearly every smoker has their own ritual. [...]

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Top 17 Music Videos Involving Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg is one of the most well-known marijuana smokers in the world and has worldwide recognition for his musical talents. Everyone who thinks, sees, or hears about Snoop Dogg, automatically thinks about marijuana because Snoop Dogg is constantly smoking weed and/or talking about marijuana. [...]

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