10 Awesome Videos About Marijuana Concentrates, BHO, and Dabs

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 8.53.51 PM

Do you dab? Well, regardless if you dab, tons of marijuana users are “dabbing” to consumer their cannabis and it is the new hot trend. This list of videos has something for everyone, regardless of your familiarity with cannabis concentrates. If you have never heard [...]

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TheDabStore.com’s Wide Range of Vapor Rigs Has Something For Every Dabber


If you are looking for your first rig or for a rare piece of glass to add to your collection, TheDabStore.com‘s large collection of vapor rigs likely has something for you. Although shopping for rigs depends on your specific needs, the main factors for choosing [...]

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How to Make a Pringles Steamroller


Another classic how-to video from the “McGyver of Pot” himself, Master Bong. He teaches us how make a steamroller out of a pringles can, which can be a pretty helpful piece for a stoner in a jam. If you don’t know, Master Bong is “The [...]

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Rig Pics: Terry Sharp Glass Worked Recycler #1 14 MM


Rig: Terry Sharp Glass Worked Recycler #1 14 MM Highlight: Check out this awesome vapor rig from Terry Sharp Glass! The handblown natural recycler comes with a matching 14 MM dome, and comes from the stoney state of Indiana. Also, the retticello on the mouth [...]

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Vice’s Weediquette Explores Butane Hash Oil (BHO)


If you somehow still don’t know what butane hash oil (BHO) is, then check out this Vice mini-documentary all about the latest craze in the marijuana industry. The video talks about the explosion in popularity in the use of BHO, visits the 2013 Cannabis Cup [...]

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Wait, So Medical Marijuana Can Help Children Too?


Medical marijuana legalization and use is still a controversial topic in America, so as you can imagine, trying to convince the public of the health benefits for children is a big challenge. What people have to realize is that medical marijuana does more good than [...]

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Concentrate Review: Bubblegum Crumble

Bubblegum Crumble 3

Guest post by @IE420 Concentrate Name: Bubblegum Crumble Main Highlight: Sweet minty bubblegum in smell and flavor. This wax had some good flavor; especially after a night of storage in the refrigerator. Hits the throat a bit hard with some serious smoke expansion “mid throat” [...]

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FindTheBest.com Provides An Awesome Way To Compare Vaporizers


FindTheBest.com is a comparison engine that lets you compare a bunch of different products to find the best, and they have an awesome way to compare vaporizers. Users can sort through 51 different vaporizers by price, warranty, and warm up time. Then users can filter [...]

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