Growing Support For The Legalization Of Marijuana


For years there has been a growing debate in America about legalizing marijuana. Marijuana, also known as pot and weed, is currently illegal under federal law and most state laws. However, the majority of the public believes that marijuana is not harmful and is actually [...]

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Smoking Marijuana vs. Marijuana Edibles


There are a number of ways to feel the effects of THC, and it seems that day by day new methods of ingestion are popping up. While smoking joints, bowls and bongs are probably the most popular options for a lot of people, there’s plenty [...]

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Study Shows Benefits of Medical Marijuana For Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)


Marijuana has proven its importance in the medical community many times, and it seems that every day there are more and more aspects of the plant that deem it a useful healing herb. Recent studies have concluded that marijuana may have the power to alleviate [...]

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Smoking Pot Can Actually Help Make You Thin Research Suggests


New research from Harvard Medical School was published in the American Journal of Medicine suggesting that smoking marijuana can actually help people lose weight because it helps regulate blood sugar levels. Apparently smoking marijuana helps users stay slim and lowers their risk of developing diabetes, [...]

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The Evolution of Smoking Marijuana On The Go


Back when I first started smoking there weren’t half of the innovations that we have now. If you wanted to toke up while you were out, you basically only had the choice between a joint or a small bowl. Things have changed quite a bit [...]

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Some Reasons Why I Think Marijuana Should Be Legalized


Over the past couple of years marijuana has taken quite a leap in terms of legalization throughout the United States. With states like Washington and Colorado supporting the legalization of marijuana, more and more regions are considering the idea. Although some major strides have been [...]

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Learn How To Roll A Cross Joint From Seth Rogen


This video is awesome. It’s unclear the date the video was shot, but we do know that it was shot at 4 A.M. and Seth Rogen looks slightly intoxicated and extremely high. Anyway, Rogen gives you step-by-step directions to roll a perfect cross joint!

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Anthony Bourdain Details Hashish in Morocco


Hashish or hash is a very powerful product of cannabis that is made from the trichomes of cannabis buds. Hash is made up of the same components that you get you high in regular buds, but it’s in a much more concentrated form. In this [...]

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