Eight Videos From The First Day of Legal Recreational Marijuana in Colorado


Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably have heard that marijuana is legal for recreational use in Colorado. There are restrictions on where and how much marijuana you can possess, but the first sales of legal marijuana on Wednesday marked a monumental [...]

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Google Updates The Gmail Landing Page, Keeps It 4:20. Twice.

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 10.26.58 PM

Not sure if you ever noticed, but the Gmail.com login screen features a phone with the time set to 4:20 (we didn’t notice this until our buddies at HailMaryJane.com pointed this out). It’s pretty funny: Google, a multi-billion dollar company, features a 4:20 reference on [...]

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The 710 Cup Official Schedule


If you are going to be at The 710 Cup this weekend in Denver, you probably want to check out the official schedule. The event is going to be full of glass, dabs, and music.

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FindTheBest.com Provides An Awesome Way To Compare Vaporizers


FindTheBest.com is a comparison engine that lets you compare a bunch of different products to find the best, and they have an awesome way to compare vaporizers. Users can sort through 51 different vaporizers by price, warranty, and warm up time. Then users can filter [...]

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TheDabStore.com Will Be At The 710 Cup With A Lot Of Glass


Much like 4/20, 7/10 is quickly becoming the official day to celebrate cannabis concentrates made from hash oils (710 upside-down is OIL). To celebrate the day, the peeps at Grassroots California and Hitman Glass have teamed up to throw The 710 Cup July 12-14. The [...]

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Marijuana Sees Increased Exposure On Television Shows


Marijuana has always been popular, but it is quickly becoming more socially acceptable for people to come out of the “marijuana closet” and admit they smoke marijuana. Now, the ridiculousness of marijuana laws are finally coming to light and the idea of legalizing marijuana is [...]

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Colorado Law Treating Marijuana Magazines Like Pornography Already Abandoned

Pot Magazines

A Colorado law requiring marijuana magazines to be sold behind counters like pornography has been abandoned before it even takes effect. On Monday, State lawyers asked a federal judge to order a permanent injunction on a recently enacted law. The law required magazines about pot [...]

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Mom Charged With Running Massive Marijuana-Growing Facility in Scarsdale, New York


These days more and more people are openly admitting that they enjoy the recreational use of marijuana. Whether it be school teachers, government officials or even law enforcement officers admitting to using marijuana, but a soccer mom of operating a multi-million dollar marijuana grow operation [...]

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