Bud Shots: Daddy’s OG


Strain: Daddy’s OG We picked up a new camera during the Holiday season and one of our goals is to increase the amount of our “Bud Shots” posts. To start off 2014, here are pictures of a beautiful indica: Daddy’s OG from Daddy’s Pipes & [...]

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Eight Videos From The First Day of Legal Recreational Marijuana in Colorado


Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably have heard that marijuana is legal for recreational use in Colorado. There are restrictions on where and how much marijuana you can possess, but the first sales of legal marijuana on Wednesday marked a monumental [...]

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Bud Shots: Maui Wowie


Strain: Maui Wowie I usually smoke exclusively indicas, but I’ve decided to try more sativas and hybrids in 2014. Maui Wowie is a great tasting sativa and provides an uplifting high. The strain is great to smoke during the day because it provides an inspiring [...]

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Strain Review: Mystic OG

Mystic OG 11

Guest post by @IE420 Strain Name: Mystic OG Grade: A+ Type: Hybrid (Indica) Looks: A mixture of large to small sized forest green marijuana nuggets completely covered in diamond like trichomes with noticeable red/rust colored pistols. Smell: Earthy with hints of pine and tea leaves. [...]

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Bud Shots: Bubba Kush

White Bubba Kush

Strain: Bubba Kush Bubba Kush is one of my favorite strains and I try to always have some sort of bubba in my stash jar at all times. Bubba Kush is a sweet, earthy strain that is almost a pure Indica. The strain provides an [...]

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TheDabStore.com’s Holiday Sale Is Full Of Titanium


It’s holiday season! Whether you are looking for a late Hannukah gift or an early Christmas gift, you can check out TheDabStotre.com‘s Holiday sale. They have 10-15% off most of the products in their store, but we are particularly interested in the titanium for sale. [...]

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Concentrate Review: Turk Berry Crumble

Turk Berry Crumble 6

Guest post by @IE420 Concentrate Name: Turk Berry Crumble Main Highlight: Turk Berry is Turkish and Blackberry Kush x Big Daddy Purple. Looking as if I dropped a bag of old school Gold Rocks gum (who remembers that?) in container, the aroma was plesant and [...]

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Concentrate Review: Pre-98 Bubba Crumble

Pre-98 Bubba Crumble 10

Guest post by @IE420 Concentrate Name: Pre-98 Bubba Crumble Main Highlight: I was provided with 2 nice sized “slabs” blond in color! A pleasant light bubblegum taste that hits very heavy with serious couch lock potential. This blast of Pre-98 Bubba is heavy but did [...]

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