Strain Review: Herojuana

Herojuana 14

Guest post by @IE420 Strain Name: Herojuana Grade: A+ Type: Hybrid (Indica) Looks: Lime green marijuana nuggets with areas of dark spotting; heavily covered in trichomes and a bit brittle (dandruff like flaky) on the outside to the touch. Smell: Very funky with heavy citrus [...]

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10 Awesome Videos About Marijuana Concentrates, BHO, and Dabs

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 8.53.51 PM

Do you dab? Well, regardless if you dab, tons of marijuana users are “dabbing” to consumer their cannabis and it is the new hot trend. This list of videos has something for everyone, regardless of your familiarity with cannabis concentrates. If you have never heard [...]

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Concentrate Review: Herojuana Shatter

Herojuana Shatter 4

Guest post by @IE420 Concentrate Name: Herojuana Shatter Main Highlight: Very light and lucid, this blast of Herojuana was pure shatter goodness despite being SO HARD to work with! A very clean citrus taste leaning towards the orange side reminding me somewhat of Tetra Lab’s [...]

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Bud Shots: Blue Cheese


Strain: Blue Cheese Although I’ve never tried it personally, Blue Cheese looks like an incredible strain. The strain is a hybrid, and a cross between Big Buddha Cheese and Blueberry. The strain is know for its uplifting/energetic high, yet it offers lots of pain relief. [...]

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If you are looking for your first rig or for a rare piece of glass to add to your collection,‘s large collection of vapor rigs likely has something for you. Although shopping for rigs depends on your specific needs, the main factors for choosing [...]

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Strain Review: Mars OG

Mars OG 16

Guest post by @IE420 Strain Name: Mars OG Grade: A+ Type: Hybrid (Indica) Looks: Medium to dark green marijuana nuggets with heavy dark spotting. Covered in rust colored pistols and blinged out with trichome coverage. Smell: Strong and “dank!” Mars OG leaves a “scent trail” [...]

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Google Updates The Gmail Landing Page, Keeps It 4:20. Twice.

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 10.26.58 PM

Not sure if you ever noticed, but the login screen features a phone with the time set to 4:20 (we didn’t notice this until our buddies at pointed this out). It’s pretty funny: Google, a multi-billion dollar company, features a 4:20 reference on [...]

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Concentrate Review: 31 Flavors Crumble

31 Flavors Crumble BHO 7

Guest post by @IE420 Concentrate Name: OG Shatter Main Highlight: Dabs very smooth with minimal coughs and hits right behind the eyes hard and heavy. This mix was very relaxing and melted away pain. A few late night back to back dabs, and I was [...]

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