Strain Review: Purple Zombie (THCF)

Purple Zombie 5

Guest post by @IE420 Strain Name: Purple Zombie (THCF) Grade: A Type: Hybrid (Indica) Looks: I was provided with a nice sized sample marijuana nugget that was dense and tight, with a deep dark purple hue giving a black color appearance with noticeable orange/red “hair” [...]

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Marijuana Meme Monday: Superbowl Edition


Anyone else getting really excited for football season? More importantly, who do you think will be smoking the SUPER BOWL this year?

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Concentrate Review: Blue Dream Putty

Blue Dream Putty Dank0G 1

Guest post by @IE420 Concentrate Name: Blue Dream Putty Main Highlight: When I first had Blue Dream wax by Dank0G, I sampled it during a “sesh” last summer. It was then, I knew I wanted to get some for myself. Being putty in consistency this [...]

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Strain Review: Cinderella 99 (THCF)

Cin 99 4

Guest post by @IE420 Strain Name: Cinderella 99 (THCF) Grade: A+ Type: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant) Looks: I was provided with three light green sample marijuana nugget and a bit of shake. The three marijuana nuggets were dense with ample trich coverage and noticeable orange pistols. [...]

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Bud Shots: AK-47


Strain: AK-47 Check out these pictures of beautiful AK-47 nugs thanks to THC Finder. AK-47 has a spiced aroma bordering on skunk, with a hint of sandalwood, but tastes sweeter and more floral than the smell would lead one to expect. AK-47 is a hybrid [...]

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Concentrate Review: Jack Crumble

Jack Crumble Wax 11

Guest post by @IE420 Concentrate Name: Jack Crumble Main Highlight: I’ve always said I’ve never had a bad “Jack” and in waxy crumble form, this did not disappoint. A dab (actually “dunk”) of this “blond” Jack got me focus and going during the day when [...]

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Rig Pics: Terry Sharp Glass Worked Recycler #1 14 MM


Rig: Terry Sharp Glass Worked Recycler #1 14 MM Highlight: Check out this awesome vapor rig from Terry Sharp Glass! The handblown natural recycler comes with a matching 14 MM dome, and comes from the stoney state of Indiana. Also, the retticello on the mouth [...]

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Marijuana Meme Monday- (Good Weed Edition)


Jesus: I trust you, especially when it comes to weed. Thanks.

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