Monday Marijuana Meme- 7/15 (Guy Who Found Weed Edition)


Yep, serious shoutout to the guy who first decided to smoke weed. I wonder if he immediately told everyone about it, or secretly kept it to himself to smoke. If you have a funny marijuana related meme, email it to with your Twitter handle [...]

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Headlines You Might Of Missed This Week- 7/12


Check out some this week’s links post, making sure you are updated with the latest news and stories from around the web! We recently changed up the format to include not only marijuana related news, but also entertaining news stories, sports stories, new music, and [...]

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Concentrate Review: Bubblegum Crumble

Bubblegum Crumble 3

Guest post by @IE420 Concentrate Name: Bubblegum Crumble Main Highlight: Sweet minty bubblegum in smell and flavor. This wax had some good flavor; especially after a night of storage in the refrigerator. Hits the throat a bit hard with some serious smoke expansion “mid throat” [...]

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The 710 Cup Official Schedule


If you are going to be at The 710 Cup this weekend in Denver, you probably want to check out the official schedule. The event is going to be full of glass, dabs, and music.

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Monday Marijuana Meme- 7/8 (Fat Sack Of Weed Edition)


We want a fat sack of weed, especially if it’s some OG! Also, I wonder if she is a medical marijuana cultivator?

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Sunday Strain Review: Cherry Slider

Cherry Slider 4

Guest post by @IE420 Strain Name: Cherry Slider Grade: A- Type: Hybrid Looks: Delicate and loose light green marijuana nuggets, fluffy like cotton balls. Smell: Pine, fuel, and cherry tree bark. Taste: Earthy and cherry. Cherry flavor is enhanced through the exhale. Buzz Type: Relaxing [...]

Continue Reading Provides An Awesome Way To Compare Vaporizers

findthebest-logo-2 is a comparison engine that lets you compare a bunch of different products to find the best, and they have an awesome way to compare vaporizers. Users can sort through 51 different vaporizers by price, warranty, and warm up time. Then users can filter [...]

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Check out this dope short video from called “Stay Blazed.” The video was put together by Nate Perry Films and features a bunch of heady images and music. Well done. IG: @stonerdays FB: Official Sponsor By Blunts N Bongs IG: bluntsnbongs420 FB: [...]

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