How Medical Marijuana is Tested


Ever wonder how they test medical marijuana? Thanks to the homie Master Bong, we get a behind the scenes look at how medical marijuana is tested and what they test for.

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Video: Sour D x Amnesia Dry Sift Bubbly Meltshot Close Up


The guys from The CCC 420 put together this short video with some awesome close up shots of some Sour D x Amnesia Dry Sift Bubbly! I definitely want to smoke some of that!

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Bud Shots: Granddaddy Purple


Strain: Granddaddy Purple Check out these frosty bud shots of Granddaddy Purple thanks to THC Finder. Granddaddy Purple is a great night time strain because it’s has a heavy indica buzz, complete with a pleasant upper body high which fades into droopy red eyes, munchies [...]

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Crossbow vs Dr Pepper Ten at 2500fps by The Slow Mo Guys


The Slow Mo Guys got a bunch of free bottles of Dr. Pepper Ten, so they decided to shoot a crossbow through them and film it in 2500 frames per second. Pretty heady stuff.

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Monday Marijuana Meme- 6/24 (Underground Construction Worker Edition)


I never thought about this, but what if this guy is right and underground construction workers really just smoke weed all day. Although I highly doubt this is the truth, it would be a pretty funny revelation. If you have a funny marijuana related meme, [...]

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Sunday Strain Review: Spartacus OG

IE420 Spartacus OG 4

Guest post by @IE420 Strain Name: Spartacus OG Grade: A+ Type: Indica Looks: Very tight, dense and frosty deep green marijuana nuggets with each looking like a head of broccoli. Smell: A nice nostril clearing sweet pine and menthol. Taste: Like a big serving of [...]

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Growing Support For The Legalization Of Marijuana


For years there has been a growing debate in America about legalizing marijuana. Marijuana, also known as pot and weed, is currently illegal under federal law and most state laws. However, the majority of the public believes that marijuana is not harmful and is actually [...]

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Bud Shots: Grape Ape


Strain: Grape Ape Check out these pictures of some frosty Grape Ape nugs thanks to THC Finder. Grape Ape is an indica and is well-know for pain relief. It’s called Grape Ape because it has a sweet smell and very strong grape taste. Find some [...]

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