Concentrate Review: Cheese Quake Shatter

Cheese Quake Shatter Wax 12

Guest post by @IE420 Concentrate Name: Cheese Quake Shatter Main Highlight: Enjoying the flower that not that long ago, I was really surprised to come across this in wax! Funky in taste, a little dab of this shatter goes a long way. I found myself [...]

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Strain Review: Dr. Who (Mad Scientist X Timewreck)

Dr Who Strain 6

Guest post by @IE420 Strain Name: Dr. Who (Mad Scientist X Timewreck) Grade: A++ Type: Hybrid (Indica) Looks: My bag had mostly small to medium sized marijuana nuggets. Trichome coverage was ample giving these nuggets a nice light and bright green color with areas of [...]

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Concentrate Review: Mazar Crumble

Mazar Crumble Wax 3

Guest post by @IE420 Concentrate Name: Mazar Crumble Main Highlight: This blast of Mazar was from a nug run! My gram was mostly one nice large blong slab that had a strong scent (I’m thinking rosewood) that will open up your nose. Nice and not [...]

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Strain Review: Mystic OG

Mystic OG 11

Guest post by @IE420 Strain Name: Mystic OG Grade: A+ Type: Hybrid (Indica) Looks: A mixture of large to small sized forest green marijuana nuggets completely covered in diamond like trichomes with noticeable red/rust colored pistols. Smell: Earthy with hints of pine and tea leaves. [...]

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Concentrate Review: Turk Berry Crumble

Turk Berry Crumble 6

Guest post by @IE420 Concentrate Name: Turk Berry Crumble Main Highlight: Turk Berry is Turkish and Blackberry Kush x Big Daddy Purple. Looking as if I dropped a bag of old school Gold Rocks gum (who remembers that?) in container, the aroma was plesant and [...]

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Concentrate Review: Pre-98 Bubba Crumble

Pre-98 Bubba Crumble 10

Guest post by @IE420 Concentrate Name: Pre-98 Bubba Crumble Main Highlight: I was provided with 2 nice sized “slabs” blond in color! A pleasant light bubblegum taste that hits very heavy with serious couch lock potential. This blast of Pre-98 Bubba is heavy but did [...]

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Strain Review: Herojuana

Herojuana 14

Guest post by @IE420 Strain Name: Herojuana Grade: A+ Type: Hybrid (Indica) Looks: Lime green marijuana nuggets with areas of dark spotting; heavily covered in trichomes and a bit brittle (dandruff like flaky) on the outside to the touch. Smell: Very funky with heavy citrus [...]

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Concentrate Review: Herojuana Shatter

Herojuana Shatter 4

Guest post by @IE420 Concentrate Name: Herojuana Shatter Main Highlight: Very light and lucid, this blast of Herojuana was pure shatter goodness despite being SO HARD to work with! A very clean citrus taste leaning towards the orange side reminding me somewhat of Tetra Lab’s [...]

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