HighRoulette’s mission is to help stoners find the best YouTube videos without having to waste time searching for them. Considering there is over 48 hours of footage added to YouTube every minute, it can be extremely difficult to find those viral YouTube gems. Thats where HighRoulette steps in. We understand stoners are lazy, and we want to help them find entertaining YouTube videos and do it the easiest way possible.

In order to achieve our goal, we hand-pick every single video to make sure it meets the HighRoulette standard. There is no algorithm that could possibly find all of the viral gems on YouTube, because you could not possibly predict some of these things.

The website is updated daily, and all of the videos are categorized and added to the HighRoulette video database. How you browse our database is what separates HighRoulette from other video sites. We feature the Random Video Player, which allows the user to browse and watch tons of videos without having to leave or reload the page. Users can simply click on a video to watch it or click the “>” button to get three new video options. You can also chose a specific category of videos to randomize if you are looking for a certain genre of videos!