10 Awesome Medical Marijuana Strain Review Videos

Marijuana has come a long way in recent years. There are all kinds of strains out there that have been perfected down to a science. You have different types of smells, flavors and buzzes to choose from which makes smoking even more fun. Today we’re going to go over 10 awesome marijuana strain review videos that you absolutely have to see! Let’s get started!

How to watch the videos: Simply click on the image and the video will magically appear on the page as an enlarged pop out that can be closed by clicking anywhere on the screen.

Medical Marijuana Strain Review: Girl Scout Cookies

This top quality strain is a mix of Cherry Pie and OG Kush. The strain is known as Girl Scout Cookies, and it’s said to be extremely unique, tasty and very potent. It looks beautiful as well.

Medical Marijuana Strain Review: Stardawg Guava

The featured strain in this video is known as the Stardawg Guava. It’s a High Time’s Cannabis Cup winning sativa strain that has a unique aroma and buzz.

Medical Marijuana Strain Review: Bubba Kush

Here is the history of Bubba Kush from a man who claims to be Bubba himself. Learn more about the bud that we’ve all come to know and love.

Medical Marijuana Strain Review: Strawberry Diesel

This is the beautiful Strawberry Diesel. It’s said to have a very pungent odor and it’s also known to be extremely sticky. This definitely looks like some great green. The buds look to be covered in trichomes!

Medical Marijuana Strain Review: Super Silver Haze (Cup Winner)

This Super Silver Haze is certain to put you out for a few hours! This potent strain happens to be the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup winner.

Medical Marijuana Strain Review: Girl Scout Cookies (Thin Mints)

Here’s another review on the very beautiful and the very potent Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint strain. The buds are a gorgeous purple color with vibrant orange hairs. It’s definitely a very beautiful bud that has quite a lot going for it.

Medical Marijuana Strain Review: Cannatonic

From the New Age Canna dispensary in Garden Grove, California comes the very potent and very beautiful Cannatonic strain. It’s said to be very fruity smelling and reminiscent of a sativa strain.

Medical Marijuana Strain Review: Holy Grail OG

This video features the Holy Grail OG strain from the Costa Mesa Patients Association in California. It’s a very gorgeous and extremely potent strain that is a local favorite.

Medical Marijuana Strain Review: Grape Ape and True OG Kush

From a new dispensary called Elemental Wellness Center in San Jose, CA comes two very delicious and potent strains: Grape Ape and True OG Kush. Both look very tempting indeed!

Medical Marijuana Strain Review: C.H.A.I. OG Kush

This video features the lovely C.H.A.I. OG Kush. The name comes from the California Healing Association Inc. It’s loaded with beautiful orange hairs and many THC crystals. It’s said to be a great pain reliever that packs quite a pleasant punch.

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