10 Entertaining Cat Videos

Everyone loves watching cat videos, so we put together a list of 10 entertaining cat videos. These cat videos can be a great break to your work day as you take a few minutes to appreciate how entertaining cats can be and watch some priceless moments caught on camera.

How to watch the videos: Simply click on the image and the video will magically appear on the page as an enlarged pop out that can be closed by clicking anywhere on the screen. That means you can watch all 10 videos on the same page, without loading or scrolling through different pages. Enjoy the videos!

Two Talking Cats

I’ve never seen two cats get along this well. It really makes you wonder what they’re talking about, probably has something to do with food.

Slow Motion Clips Of Cute Cat Playing

For whatever reason, this cat is just hypnotizing! Maru is extremely cute and has some skills! It is pretty amazing to watch him jump out of the laundry basket, especially in slow motion!

Cat Playing With A Fish Tank

This cat learns not to play with a fish tank the hard way, and his reaction is priceless! Just as the cat makes his move and dips his paw into the water, the fish lunges up and attacks him! Then the cat jumps off in a frenzy.

Guy Builds Epic Box Tower For Cat

This guy is dedicated! Cats are spoiled animals, though. After all the work the owner put into building this tower of boxes, the cat could’ve at least said thank you!

Cat Loves Play With Toys

I can’t help but to be reminded of Wilford Brimley whenever I see this cat. There’s just something about him that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. The cat’s pretty cool too.

Some Cats Love Water, Some Hate Water

It looks like there are just as many cats who love water as there are ones who hate it. This is a pretty good example of that fact. Super funny stuff!

Cat Playing With Bubble Wrap

So, bubble wrap is like landmines for cats? I’ve got a feeling this is going to spark a trend in cat torment in the near future.

Cat Jumps On Door

You’ve got to give it to cats. Once they’re determined to do something, they’re pretty damn likely to find a way.

Songify This: “Can’t Hug Every Cat”

So, I guess this is what a young crazy cat lady looks like. Not bad. Hopefully she’ll be able to hug every cat someday.

The Boxing Cat

Cats make for great boxers, it’s true. The only problem is that dogs make better boxers!