10 Things To Do When Stoned

If you’ve been smoking cannabis for any amount of time, it’s almost certain that you’ve developed a routine, or perhaps have a few things that you like to do while buzzed. I think it’s safe to say that nearly every smoker has their own ritual. In this article we’re going to go over the top 10 things that stoners like to do when they’re high. Now, your particular weed routines may vary, but these are definitely some of the most common. Let’s get started!

Play Video Games
No smoke session is complete without firing up the xbox or Playstation and having a good old fashioned game session with your buddies. Some of the best video games to play while high are first person shooters and sports games. It’s pretty easy to get blazed and spend 5 hours playing Skyrim, so make sure you don’t have anything planned for the rest of the day!

Listen to Music
I couldn’t imagine a world without music, and I certainly couldn’t imagine a world without weed. So, whenever I smoke I like to combine the two pleasures. You should always have your favorite albums nearby when you’re blazing up, it can certainly set the mood.

Watch TV/Movies
One of the best ways to enjoy your buzz is by putting on a good movie or your favorite TV show. If you have a Netflix account, you’re in luck. I typically like to put on comedies while I’m high, but your tastes may vary a bit. Stoner movies, documentaries and action movies seem to be my favorite types of movies while smoking.

Take a Nap
A nice stony nap can’t be beat. If you’re like me, you probably couldn’t ask for much more than a relaxing slumber after a good buzz.

Eat Food
Every stoner loves food, and it is certainly a favorite pastime of mine. I load up on candy and snacks before any smoke session to ensure that I’m fully stocked.

Look at Pictures of Weed
Marijuana is a beautiful plant, but it’s even more beautiful while you’re blazed! A lot of people’s favorite thing to do while high is look at the many strains of weed.

Smoke More
The best way to enjoy your smoke session is by blazing up one after the other. Why let your buzz wear off? I always keep a bowl packed and ready to go!

Reading is an activity that is best enjoyed when you have a good imagination. One of the best ways to enhance your reading experience is by blazing up. It may take you a half hour to get through one page, but it will totally be worth it!

Go to the Beach or a Pool
Swimming while buzzed is always fun, but you definitely have to be safe about it. There’s something about the way water moves that is extremely tranquil, and enjoying the water while high is definitely enjoyable.

Surf The Web
Ever get real stoned and just start reading about totally random things on the internet? Next thing you know its been a few hours and you have read a bunch of random, useless articles and Wikipedia pages. Happens to all of us.