Recap: Major Marijuana Busts in 2012

Recaps of some major marijuana busts in 2012.

30,000 Plants in Polk County, Texas

In Texas, law enforcement, including the DEA, Texas Rangers and DPS narcotics, seized over 30,000 plants in August 2012. Law enforcement had been aware of the operation for a couple of months and “the shortest plants were around four foot high and some of the tallest were about eight or nine,” Polk County Sherriff Kenneth Hammack said.

1,000 Plants in Chicago, Illinois

In the south side of Chicago, police used helicopters to help discover a pot farm the size of two football fields. According to the police, they found 1,000 marijuana plants, some of which were described as 10 feet tall and “as big as Christmas trees.” The weed had a street value between $7 and $10 million, but the police burnt the crop and treated the solid with chemicals to prevent growing cannabis plants in the future. The bust was the largest bust in Chicago history.

Chicago Pot Farm

9,000 Marijuana Plants Seized In Pueblo County, Colorado

In August 2012, law enforcement officials seized around 9,000 marijuana plants in Pueblo County, Colorado, with an estimated street value of estimated $15 million. The grow operation was very sophisticated and according to Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor, it was the work of Mexican drug cartels. Apparently they grow the marijuana in Colorado, and then send it to California to be distributed and sold. Taylor also said it was “no doubt this is the biggest (grow) bust in the history of Pueblo County.”

26,000 Marijuana Plants Found on Hoopa Valley Tribal Land in California

Multiple law enforcement agencies led by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office eradicated more than 26,000 marijuana plants from a sophisticated grow operation on Hoopa Valley Tribal land Tuesday in the area’s largest marijuana bust so far this year. The tribe complained of hearing gunshots on the land which lead to the Sheriff’s Office’s iscovering the large grow operation using aerial reconnaissance. 30 officers spent four or five hours eradicating a total of 26,600 plants, all of which measured between 4 and 6 feet tall.

26,000 Marijuana Plants Found on Hoopa Valley Tribal Land in California