Concentrate Review: Turk Berry Crumble

Guest post by @IE420

Concentrate Name: Turk Berry Crumble

Main Highlight: Turk Berry is Turkish and Blackberry Kush x Big Daddy Purple. Looking as if I dropped a bag of old school Gold Rocks gum (who remembers that?) in container, the aroma was plesant and fruity with a strong pine scent hitting the “top” of my nose on the inhale. Each piece of crumble was a self made dab although near the end of my use, I could have used a good scoop as this crumble got so fine if I put on a table and lined up, it would look like a line of cocaine!

Concentrate Image Synopsis: Turk Berry Crumble

Posted with permission from @IE420 is a medical marijuana patient from California with lots of knowledge about marijuana, so make sure to check out his website for additional photos and information!