Google Updates The Gmail Landing Page, Keeps It 4:20. Twice.

Not sure if you ever noticed, but the login screen features a phone with the time set to 4:20 (we didn’t notice this until our buddies at pointed this out). It’s pretty funny: Google, a multi-billion dollar company, features a 4:20 reference on one of the company’s most visited pages.

Well, it appears as if just one 4:20 reference was not enough for the tech giant, so it recently revamped its Gmail homepage to feature both a phone and tablet conveniently set to 4:20. I’m not sure when the new Gmail homepage will be released globally, but I’ve seen it a few times over the last couple of days.

I guess the next questions is when will Google include marijuana-related ads in its Adsense network?

  • anon

    Its in reference to Android v4.2. Its been a tradition for quite some time to include the version # in device screen shots.