Man Robs Dispensary in Boulder, Colorado Using Bear Repellant

A marijuana dispensary in downtown Boulder got quite a surprise last Thursday when a man robbed the dispensary and sprayed employees with a powerful bear repellant. The man posed as a deliveryman and tried to gain access to the Dandelion Medical Center.

The dispensary was reopened on the 7th of January after cleaning up the mess that was made. The owners are planning to beef up their security system and have stated that their number one priority is ensuring the safety of their employees.

The shop was robbed at approximately 7pm last Thursday by a man who was carrying a FedEx box. He knocked on the front door and once an employee answered he sprayed them with a strong pepper spray. The employees fled the building and called police, but the suspect was able to flee with around nine thousand dollars in medical marijuana. No one was seriously harmed during the burglary; four employees did get medical treatment for being pepper sprayed.

Police are still searching for the suspect and have gathered DNA from a cigarette that the robber left at the scene of the crime. The suspect is said to be a white male around 6 feet tall weighing in at around 200 lbs.