Marijuana Sees Increased Exposure On Television Shows

Marijuana has always been popular, but it is quickly becoming more socially acceptable for people to come out of the “marijuana closet” and admit they smoke marijuana. Now, the ridiculousness of marijuana laws are finally coming to light and the idea of legalizing marijuana is a position taken by the majority of Americans.

Recently, the topic of marijuana use has been discussed on more television talk shows than ever before. It is also a topic used on a growing number of reality and sitcom television shows because the general public simply has a bigger interest in marijuana these days. Television producers are trying to include marijuana-related topics into their television programs due to the interests of the public.

You have reality shows like Pot Cops and Weed Country, which totally center around the topic of medical marijuana. And then, you have scripted television shows like Parenthood, The Office, Mad Men and Hot in Cleveland which touch upon marijuana topics as well. You never used to see marijuana brought up so much on television before.

In movies, marijuana has always been seen because films have a rating system and people have to choose to want to see it. On the other hand, basic television is easier for people to access, so topics about illegal narcotics and drug use were usually taboo. But now that the topic of marijuana is more mainstream, the censorship surrounding it has become lenient.

Cheryl Shuman, who is a public relations and marketing consultant in Los Angeles, has tried very hard to change the stereotypical image of marijuana smokers from surfer hippies to professional workingwomen. She feels that the consumer market for marijuana is that of successful men and women, so she consults with various movie and television studios to help portray marijuana smokers in this way. It is people like her that keep the marijuana topic alive.

There are already two states that have legalized marijuana, Washington and Colorado. This is a trend that is growing in other states, similar to the gay marriage trend. Remember when gay marriage was only legal in Massachusetts? People said that would never catch on in any other state. Now within the last 5 years, it has become legal in 13 states. Who is to say the same thing won’t happen with marijuana? The more it is talked about by the public and on television, the more likely that the legalization of marijuana will spread to other states.