Wait, So Medical Marijuana Can Help Children Too?

Medical marijuana legalization and use is still a controversial topic in America, so as you can imagine, trying to convince the public of the health benefits for children is a big challenge. What people have to realize is that medical marijuana does more good than bad when it comes to treating illnesses.

For example, if a child has epilepsy and endures constant seizures, marijuana will help control them. The cannabinoids found in marijuana help calm overactive cells in the brain, so it acts as a balancing system and prevents seizures from reoccurring.

Anti-medical marijuana advocates’ main argument against marijuana use has to do with the fact that long term effects of medical marijuana have not been studied in children, which gives them a reason to believe that it could destroy their brain cells overtime. What they don’t seem to talk about is that the seizures can have more negative neurological impact on a child overtime than marijuana would.

Medical marijuana is given to children who are treated with medical marijuana by doctors who mix cannabis oil extract with some tasty syrup. Children aren’t even given a large amount of syrup either. Just a few drops on their tongue and that is all it takes to calm their seizures down. All a person needs is to have the cannabis extract, specifically CBDs, inside of their system.

There is simply no reason to deny patients medical marijuana when other prescribed drugs are not working. It is true that marijuana hasn’t been tested enough on growing brains to determine the long term side effects. However, marijuana has been used for thousands of years by humans and has provided many positive health benefits.

The use of medical marijuana by children will likely be a controversial topic for a while, but hopefully people begin to realize medical marijuana can have some remarkable health benefits.

  • Dylan

    Honestly I smoke pot and It helps me open up to learning new things and helps me develop tricks and tips to help myself and friends learn how to do problems with less steps and more accurate answers as it opens my mind to things I usually don’t think about and because of my Bipolar depression and other at home problems I definitely think it’s bullshit that Cannabis is still Illegal I mean just grow up and accept the fact that it’s more good than bad, Stupid Fucking Government.

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