Mom Charged With Running Massive Marijuana-Growing Facility in Scarsdale, New York

These days more and more people are openly admitting that they enjoy the recreational use of marijuana. Whether it be school teachers, government officials or even law enforcement officers admitting to using marijuana, but a soccer mom of operating a multi-million dollar marijuana grow operation is one of the last things you’d suggest. A well liked and friendly suburban mother has been charged with operating a very advanced marijuana grow operation inside of a warehouse located in Queens.

Andrea Sanderlin, mother of two daughters, was raided by the Drug Enforcement Agency after they detected very unusual amounts of electricity from a warehouse owned by the woman. The warehouse that was raided by the DEA was reported to have housed over 3,000 marijuana plants that had an estimated value of around $3 million dollars. Apparently the warehouse had two large rooms that featured grow lights, irrigation systems as well as ventilation systems that are used in the process of cultivating hydroponic marijuana.

The DEA tracked Sanderlin as she would travel from her home to the warehouse, and ended up raiding her residential home as well. Neighbors stated that Sanderlin claimed she operated a baby furniture company, and that they were very shocked to find out that she was involved in any illegal activity. This type of grow operation was very large in terms of the scale of the operation, but neighbors stated that they never saw anything out of the ordinary.

While marijuana is making a lot of process in terms of legalization, it’s sad that people are still being treated as hardened criminals for the growing and consumption of the harmless herb. Hopefully Sanderlin is shown mercy in court and will be able to avoid a lengthy jail sentence that will end up costing tax payers.