Strain Review: Cinderella 99 (THCF)

Guest post by @IE420

Strain Name: Cinderella 99 (THCF)
Grade: A+
Type: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

Looks: I was provided with three light green sample marijuana nugget and a bit of shake. The three marijuana nuggets were dense with ample trich coverage and noticeable orange pistols.

Smell: Like a spice rack with a bit of musty funk.

Taste: Sweet and haze like. A little funk over the top, but mostly sweet like a Kool-Aid powder packet.

Buzz Type: Alert, focus, and energetic.

Buzz Length: Above Average to Long (1.5 to 2 hours)

Summary: Cinderella 99 (aka, Cin 99, C99) is a very popular strain, but I’ve never had the chance to medicate with it until now.

On completion of a bowl (including my first) of Cinderella 99, I felt as if my eyes opened wide up. I experienced a full frontal tingle that was a creeper and hit me 15 minutes after a bowl. I mostly felt that tingle around nose and eyes.

This strain made me very alert. It also provided me with excellent focus and overall I just felt “good.” This Cinderella has good legs too with well over a hour and half of relief after a session.

There was some slight smoke expansion in the lungs on the inhale and although sweet in taste, a more of a rich and hash like after taste was left behind.

The marijuana nuggets provided had a light scent with nose up to the jar, but while breaking up a marijuana nugget for a bowl, the smell was more intense and noticeable. Very spicy and funky!

Overall, I enjoyed this strain. Cinderella 99 is nice daytime strain, but also not a bad option for night when a pick up is needed given it’s euphoric and mood enhancing qualities. I would definitely medicate with this strain before going out for a night just for the “happy feeling” to set my night off “right.”

Review is “First Impression” as product provided was a sample and used exclusively for one day.

Posted with permission from @IE420 is a medical marijuana patient from California with lots of knowledge about marijuana, so make sure to check out his website for additional photos and information. IE420 is known for his independent marijuana reviews so you know he is being straightforward when he talks about his marijuana!