Strain Review: Dr. Who (Mad Scientist X Timewreck)

Guest post by @IE420

Strain Name: Dr. Who (Mad Scientist X Timewreck)
Grade: A++
Type: Hybrid (Indica)

Looks: My bag had mostly small to medium sized marijuana nuggets. Trichome coverage was ample giving these nuggets a nice light and bright green color with areas of purple spotting underneath. These nuggets were also nicely wrapped in reddish/orange pistols.

Smell: Very sweet, fruity, and piney; reminds me of a fruit salad.

Taste: Just like its smell; very fruity. This strain is very tasty; tropical and sweet is the best way for me to describe it with a bit of a powdery grape Pixie Stick after taste.

Buzz Type: Mostly cerebral providing clear thought, focus, and energy, but also relaxing and calming.

Buzz Length: Above Average to Very Long (1.5 to 2+ hours)

Summary: When handed the jar filled with Dr. Who, I knew I had to bring some home with me. The smell was enticing and taste was even better with sweet and fruity inhales. A very nice hybrid, I can definitely detect both Indica and Sativa qualities in my “buzz” after completion of a bowl (or two). My bag was comprised of some very dense marijuana nuggets. These nuggets were more “hard” vs. “soft” when squeezing with two fingers and the fruity smell of the bag made my mouth water.

A morning bowl provided with me great focus along with after workout pain relief. I felt like I was being weighted down, but physically I was able to be up and moving. Being naturally high strung, this strain calmed me enough to where I did not lose focus, but performed at what I felt was optimal level. For me, Dr. Who is an ideal strain where I can sit at my desk and work for a lengthy period of time with no interruptions. Dr. Who is ideal when I have those work projects that entail me working 12-18 hours straight.

My buzz while medicating with Dr. Who was like being relaxed without feeling lazy or tired. I felt an “open” feeling in the head where my vision was really clear and focus very sharp. One to two bowls seemed to do the trick nicely for me. If I had more than two bowls within the course of a hour, I found this strain put me in a slightly narcotic state which was fine right before bedtime.

Dr. Who did give me a bit of dry mouth causing me to be thirsty more often than not, but with that I just grabbed for a bottle of water (or coffee, or soda…).

A nice all around strain which I could use day or night, Dr. Who is probably the most flavorful strain I’ve had locally in quite a while. With its excellent all around medicinal qualities and its above average long lasting buzz, Dr. Who makes my FIRE list! This is one strain I would definitely reup on again, again, and again. Like others, I now mostly use concentrates due to its ease which makes my tolerance high (especially to flowers). If like me and desire a flower from time to time, Dr. Who could be a solid choice as this strain put on a solid performance for me.

This flower did not disappoint. I really enjoyed my time with Dr. Who and sure most who kick with “him” will too!

Posted with permission from @IE420 is a medical marijuana patient from California with lots of knowledge about marijuana, so make sure to check out his website for additional photos and information. IE420 is known for his independent marijuana reviews so you know he is being straightforward when he talks about his marijuana!
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