Sunday Strain Review: Blue Hue Cookies

Guest post by @IE420

Strain Name: Blue Hue Cookies
Grade: A++
Type: Hybrid

Looks: Frost covered, tight and very light weight marijuana nuggets with areas of “blue” freckles and noticeable “blue” veins.

Smell: A slight hint of pepper with a sweet evergreen funk hitting over the top clearing out the nostrils. Very funky, sweet, and spicy.

Taste: Similar to its smell with pepper, spices, with a hint of “berry” coming over the top on the exhale through the nostrils leaving a peppery after taste.

Buzz Type: A heady & heaviness combination that makes the body very relaxed with a slight bit of euphoria.

Buzz Length: Long to Very Long (2 to 2+ hours)

Summary: Ever since I initially had the “Original” Girl Scout Cookies back in December 2011, several varieties/batches have been harvested. Fast forward to 2013, I am connected with this fresh batch of Blue Hue Cookies.

This batch of Blue Hue Cookies was well cured and smoked to a white ash If I loaded my bubbler to much, the hit was very peppery and hit hard against the back of my throat. Smaller fills hit super smooth with nice smoke expansion and were way tastier vs. larger fills with my bubbler. Small or large, hits were very smooth out my regular GOAT bong. This strain is also very tasty rolled up; as when I first enjoyed it. A very tasty strain providing a nice peppery flavor with a slight hint of “berry” on the exhale which could be the “blue hue” part of this cookie batch.

The marijuana nuggets I received were ideal by breaking up with fingers. Breaking off a marijuana nugget was like working with a piece of Styrofoam making a “snapping” sound. These marijuana nuggets broke as if snapping peas. Also, they were so tight and “hard” there was hardly any bag shake and I had my “order” for a month.

When I first medicated with Blue Hue Cookies during the weekend of the High Times Los Angeles Cannabis Cup, I was STONED! I was extremely high, but relaxed and super chilled with a good sense of focus. I had more of an “observant” demeanor vs. a “social” one that night. Eyes became very low and a few late night sessions I found my self nodding off, but overall this strain really not couch locking; more a nice relaxed way to wind down late night into a good night’s sleep. If not going to sleep, I did find myself a bit sluggish on the “come down.”

I really liked and enjoyed the buzz qualities of this strain. There was a nice feeling of euphoria along with medicinal benefits of pain relief, stress relief, focus and relaxation. The first night introduced to Blue Hue Cookies, I also “dabbed” some concentrates. The “stoned” feeling I had penetrated my concentrated high which is very rare as I still experienced some euphoria after “dabbing” which I got from the Blue Hue Cookies.

This is my third cookie strain directly from San Francisco (the first two being GSC and Platinum) and got to say the ANY Cookies (from the original grower) never disappoint. Cookies are all around balanced in smooth smoke rips, flavor and not to forget its longer than average buzz. My ONLY negative … I did not obtain more! As usual, I always cut myself short on these original San Francisco strains and I only come across them once or twice a year if I’m that lucky. I was hoping to save up enough to roll a few pre-rolls for 93.5 KDAY’s Krush Groove on April 20th (4/20). LOL. That’s not going to happen! When I tagged a review of mine as Certified FIRE, that strain rarely last long in my hands and no surprise, Blue Hue Cookies to no surprise is straight up FIRE!

Posted with permission from @IE420 is a medical marijuana patient from California with lots of knowledge about marijuana, so make sure to check out his website for additional photos and information!
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