Sunday Strain Review: Chocolate Chip Cookie (THCF)

Guest post by @IE420

Strain Name: Chocolate Chip Cookie (THCF)
Grade: A+
Type: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

Looks: The sample marijuana nugget received appeared very light green with areas of noticeable “darkness.” Entire marijuana nugget was covered in gleaming crystal trichomes with red “hair” inter-twined throughout.

Smell: Peppery, spices, hints of sweet tea/coffee and rich earthy soil.

Taste: Typical peppery cookies flavor with hints of chocolate. Mexican mole.

Buzz Type: Cerebral head heavy, relaxing full body high. and euphoric.

Buzz Length: Above Average to Very Long (1.5 to 2+ hours)

Summary: This Chocolate Chip Cookie is flower strain, not an edible.

I’ve had several cookie strains from the SF Bay original to varieties now available in Southern California. This is this first time I’ve seen or heard of “Chocolate Chip” so naturally, I was very excited when handed a sample of this strain. A little “crushed/flattened” in appearance, the sample marijuana nugget I received was actually sticky, dense and very tight.

On my first bubbler bowl, the initial hit got me right between the eyes as could I can detect a tingle and “pressure release” which traveled through out my head before encapsulating my entire body. The buzz was quintessential cookies. I was stoned in the classic sense and was feet very good while medicated with this strain. I felt very good after completing a bowl as this strain has a euphoric quality. I felt stress and worry free. Mentally I became relaxed and physically pain melted away. I was able to function quite well when I first started to medicate with this sample late morning, but on my last bowl in the evening, I found myself quite tired with tearful eyes putting me nicely to sleep.

On the palette, my Chocolate Chip Cookie sample was “strongest” and “richest” in taste as compared to other cookie varieties I’ve had. This variety had a more hashish overtone with hints of chocolate and Stout beer; hence the strain name I assume. The after taste I had was very “strong” with most bowls, but on one bowl I did have an image of Chips Ahoy cookies; a more smoother bowl with a distinguishable “chocolate chip” flavor. I did wish I had a few more sample marijuana nuggets to really get a handle on the taste to confirm as at times I know it could be “mental” vs. “actual” when trying to detect flavors when the strain name may lead you believe it’s the actual flavor.

With my sample marijuana nugget, I got four decent bubbler bowls total. Good legs on the buzz with about two hours of relief per bowl.

It’s been some time, but Chocolate Chip Cookie did provide me a bit of the munchies. With almost an immediate dry mouth upon completion of a bowl, I had the urge to eat and drink. Soda, cake, cookies … it was all good ruining a week’s worth of working out.

Overall, this version is right up there with other fire cookie strains I’ve had and when it comes to taste, I prefer the others (more flavorful to me and smoother), but I am sure some would prefer this “stronger” taste if given the option. I do wish I had entire fill of this strain, but for a first impression, I was very impressed!

Posted with permission from @IE420 is a medical marijuana patient from California with lots of knowledge about marijuana, so make sure to check out his website for additional photos and information!
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