Sunday Strain Review: Pandora’s Box

Guest post by @IE420

Strain Name: Pandora’s Box
Grade: A
Type: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

Looks: One fat cola marijuana nugget with three smaller “babies” in my baggie. Deep green in color with areas of dark spotting. Nice trichome coverage with noticeable orange “hair.”

Smell: Wintergreen, spearmint, citrus/grape, sandalwood, leather conditioner, and perfume.

Taste: Light, sweet haze like with the slightest hint of fruit. Left a hashy/fruity after taste.

Buzz Type: Energetic, euphoric.

Buzz Length: Average to Long (1 to 2 hours)

Summary: With many of connections heavy with Indica strains, I always like it when I come across a Sativa dominant strain such as this Pandora’s Box.

When I first opened up my baggie, I caught with a scent that made my nostrils wide. Pandora’s Box was very perfume like with detectable fragrances from sweet to earthy. As listed up top, I was catching all kinds of scents when first medicating with this strain, but by the end of my bag (about a month later) the scent was super fruity. The best way to describe the scent within my bag on my final bowl is that I was constantly reminded of a grape Pixie Stick.

Pandora’s Box had a taste that was similar to its smell as it was more “perfume” and smokey like. I detected a slight hint of fruitiness (particularly grape) over the top of the nostrils on the exhale, but more a smooth sweet hash like inhale. After taste was more on the “hashy” side on my initial use, but like the scent, near the end of my baggie, the after taste was pure fruit sweetness.

As for the buzz, Pandora’s Box tends to creep on me. I did not feel much the first 5 minutes from the start of a bowl. The buzz kicked in where I felt full facial tingle on the front side of my face within 10 minutes to a full body buzz in about 15 minutes. I got the feeling as if ants crawling on me and I got a bit itchy. Overall, I felt good with Pandora’s Box buzz qualities. It’s an energetic strain for me, but so powerful where I was “jumpy.” I was more relaxed (stress put at bay) and focused to the point where I could get work done or just enjoy my surroundings. A few times, I caught myself deep thought.

With multiple back to back bowls, I felt a sense of euphoria along with some energy and more cerebral “pressure” vs. “tingle.” Where one bowl I could get focused and do work, I found multiple bowls back to back made me want to do everything, EXCEPT work. On weekend mornings, Pandora’s Box would get me up and going for long weekends of training. I enjoyed the tingle and pressure release behind the eyes, but my eyes also got dry.

Overall, Pandora’s Box is a nice Sativa strain which I have been longing for given I’ve been heavy on the Indica when it comes to flowers in my medicine box.

Posted with permission from @IE420 is a medical marijuana patient from California with lots of knowledge about marijuana, so make sure to check out his website for additional photos and information!