Sunday Strain Review: Sweet Nightmare

Guest post by @IE420

Strain Name: Sweet Nightmare
Grade: A-
Type: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

Looks: Baggies had a mix of large and medium sized marijuana nuggets. Fully covered in trichomes providing a nice “light” green color; outer “leafs” were a bit flaky, but marijuana nuggets were tight with a nice two finger squeeze that bounced back. Some noticable orange/rust colored “hair.”

Smell: Sweet lemonhead candy and furniture cleaner. Very pungent menthol overtones.

Taste: Funky and sour with hints of spice and fruit.

Buzz Type: Relaxation with pain relief and spacial awareness.

Buzz Length: Average to Above Average (1 to 1.5 hours)

Summary: A Sativa dominant hybrid strain, Sweet Nightmare defined “daytime smoke” for me.

When I first opened up my baggie, it was hit with a very pungent furniture cleaner like scent that turned into a sweet lemony funk that reminded me of lemonhead candy and menthol. The scent hits the nostrils hard and clears them. Taste was more on the sour, funky “earthy” side vs. sweet. Some bowls did hit the back of the throat a bit hard with some harshness. I got a sour after taste with a slight bit of dry mouth settling in about 15 minutes after bowl completion.

Sweet Nightmare’s buzz is smooth and stoney. I mostly experienced a good head buzz which starts off light and creeps up in intensity. I felt a nice head tingle, but was not one bit jittery or jumpy. I also noticed a nice consistent “tingle” behind the eyes for the duration of buzz. The feeling was relaxing and soothing. I felt a good sense of awareness as if my senses were “opened up.”

If outdoors, I felt uplifted when in forest like surroundings. Sounds of birds chirping were amplified.

I found Sweet Nightmare to also be a good post-workout strain. If on pre-workout supplements this strain “relaxed” me while tackling muscle pain. I was also very productive while medicated with this strain. Ideally, Sweet Nightmare is a good daytime strain for me. This would be ideal “session smoke” in situations where joints (or blunts) are being passed around.

My baggie did have some light shake due to how “flaky” a portion of the marijuana nuggets were and the only down side is Sweet Nightmare did fall a bit short on the “legs” for me. I had to reload quite often to enjoy Sweet Nightmare’s high points.

Posted with permission from @IE420 is a medical marijuana patient from California with lots of knowledge about marijuana, so make sure to check out his website for additional photos and information!