Super Bowl Sunday Strain Review: Candy Kush

Guest post by @IE420

Strain Name: Candy Kush
Grade: A+
Type: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

Looks: Very heavily trichome coated marijuana nuggets mostly “medium” in size. Very dense to touch as if they could “crunch.” Trichome coverage is so heavy, these marijuana nuggets almost look “white” and “furry” to the plain eye. Noticeable “orange” protruding “hair.”

Smell: Sweet pine/mint with hints of spice.

Taste: Similar to its smell, taste was a light hint of mint and shaved lemon rind in my larger bong where as my bubbler produced rich “evergreen” and spicy overtones.

Buzz Type: Heavy & Heady. Excellent pain relief coupled with energy and focus.

Buzz Length: Above Average to Very Long (1.5 to 2+ hours)

When I obtained this batch of Candy Kush, I was informed the THC level tested at 24.44% and this baby girl took 71 days to flower. Unlike the other Kush strains I’ve medicated with over the years, this Candy Kush is classic! I say “classic,” because unlike the dominant heavy Indica Kush strains of today, this plant was dominant Sativa. For long time users of marijuana who are aware, Kush strains of yesterday were mostly Sativa.

This batch of Candy Kush was very a pleasant tasting strain and smooth smoking, but slow draws on a packed bowl did provide an overly “rich” hit that did produce a harsh cough. This starts off very nice and uplifting before turning into a more heady and heavy experience. My head “felt” heavy; like a “Bobble Head.” At the same time, I felt wide awake. It’s a unique kind of buzz where it provided me with periods of both a heavy and super “tingly” cerebral high. Actually after a few days of use, this became my main post-workout “go to” strain. Candy Kush was perfect for pain relief, but was not couch locking so I was able to dive into some serious work. Although I could function, I did feel it was a bit to heady to use where I was needed to be in “professional” situations.

Th smell was kind of “light” on first opening of a container, but when leaving a room and coming back … BAM! The lingering scent does hang around awhile and although not as strong as some other strains I’ve had, it was noticeable. My fill of Candy Kush marijuana nuggets were heavily coated with trichomes. It had the appearance of a snow powdered blasted Christmas Tree. Breaking up a marijuana nuggets makes me think of cookie crumbs given how a nugget reacts while breaking apart. This strain was just as easy to work with my bare fingers vs. using scissors.

As said many times before, Kush strains get me right behind the eyes and this Candy Kush did not disappoint. My eyes felt low, but unlike the previous Indica dominant Kush strains I’ve medicated with, this more “classic” Sativa version kept me wide awake! Pain relief was exceptional, but I also had a great sense of energy, awareness, and focus for the good part of the buzz. The second part of the buzz was heavy and mellowing. Not the point of really knocking out or couch locking me; where-as the first part I feel like working and being very analytical, the second part I more wanted to relax and watch TV or basically not do anything “important” or engage in something that’s “stressful.” Not until the final part of my buzz did the a more dominant Indica quality of a body high took over as a few sessions I did come down quite “hard.”

Using both my large bong and smaller bubbler, the taste of this strain was enhanced greatly with bubbler use. Very spicy overtones.

Posted with permission from @IE420 is a medical marijuana patient from California with lots of knowledge about marijuana, so make sure to check out his website for additional photos and information!