Will Be At The 710 Cup With A Lot Of Glass

Much like 4/20, 7/10 is quickly becoming the official day to celebrate cannabis concentrates made from hash oils (710 upside-down is OIL). To celebrate the day, the peeps at Grassroots California and Hitman Glass have teamed up to throw The 710 Cup July 12-14.

The event will feature an outdoor medicating area and will feature the top names in the glass and cannabis extract industry. It is a two day event to celebrate the new era of glass/titanium and the arts of the industry. One of the featured tables is‘s which will feature a ton of glass and free slaps!

Some of their glass will include Silika Glass‘ mini bubbler combos, bent neck micro oilers, hand pipes, and more worked glass oil rigs. They will have Silika titanium adjustable & domeless titanium 18, 14, & 10mm sizes.

They will also have some glass from Swagger Glass including an assortment of glass on glass oil rigs from their micro line to the living room/show pieces. Other featured glass will be from iDab Glass.

As for titanium, they will have an assortment of nails and dabber from: Vapenwiser, Ti Power, Silika, & Dab essentials that will be for sale as well.

If you make it to the 710 Cup, make sure to stop by’s booth!