’s Wide Range of Vapor Rigs Has Something For Every Dabber

If you are looking for your first rig or for a rare piece of glass to add to your collection,‘s large collection of vapor rigs likely has something for you. Although shopping for rigs depends on your specific needs, the main factors for choosing a rig are: the durability/quality of glass used, the size of the rig, and obviously, the price of the rig (which can be very expensive).

Affordable Vapor Rigs has a large selection of affordable rigs, which are perfect for those looking for their first rig or looking to add a new rig to their collection. Two of my favorite brands of affordable rigs are Silika Glass and iDab Glass. Both companies are known for producing high-quality, handblown glass in the United States, yet reasonably priced. Some of recommended rigs are featured below:

Silika Showerhead Side Car Bubbler 18 mm: Purchase

Silika Worked Mini Bubbler Combo #5 14 MM: Purchase

iDab Glass Clear Wraparound Package Deal #8 18 MM: Purchase

Top Of The Line Rigs

In addition to the large selection of affordable rigs for sale at, they sell some of the highest-quality and rarest rigs around. For top of the line rigs, some of my favorite brands are Hitman Glass, Steve Beer Glass, and Terry Sharp Glass. If you aren’t familiar with these brands, they produce incredible glass pieces and spare no detail.

Terry Sharp Glass Natural Perc Recycler #1 14 MM: Purchase

Steve Beer Glass x Seven RedBeards Electroformed Slyme Rig 18 MM Collab: Purchase

Hitman Glass Double Barrel Recycler #3 14 MM: Purchase