Has All The Tools Necessary To Take Dabs

For those of you who just stick to your typical bong, bowl or joint of marijuana, you might not be aware of what dabbing is exactly, but it seems that this new way of marijuana consumption is becoming more and more popular in the cannabis community. So, just what is “dabbing?” Well, to put it simple, it’s basically referring to the consumption of highly concentrated THC that’s extracted and then “dabbed” into a smoking device such as a “nail” or a “dome” that is attached to a “rig.” A lot of people are absolutely raving about this because it is an effective way to consume cannabis without breaking the bank and needing only one or two hits.

Although it’s a relatively new way of getting baked, it seems that all sorts of different rigs, nails, dishes, domes, and dabbers are appearing on the market. offers damn near everything you’ll need in order to get into dabbing. You’ll find a wide variety of different “dabbers,” which is the term for the smoking device used in dabbing. The “dabbers” come in all shapes, sizes, designs and features, which will likely match any of your personal needs. They also offer a wide range of glass, from top of the line glass, to affordable setups. A lot of the glasswork is very impressive and the prices aren’t too shabby either. If you’re looking for a new dabbing rig, likely has exactly what you need.

Our favorite product sold at is a nifty little device known as the G-Pen. If you’re used to rolling up your weed or smoking a simple bowl, this may seem like some sort of alien technology, but I assure you, it isn’t! The G-Pen is a pretty cool little gadget that allows you to ingest essential oils on the go. Think of it as a portable vaporizer that literally is the size of a pen.

Overall, the prices on the site are cheaper than your local headship, not to mention the products are conveniently shipped to you. I like the fact that they have a large selection and seem to have everything you would need in order to get into dabbing: rigs, domes, dishes, dabbers, nails and vaporizers. The site is pretty easy to navigate and everything is well-organized too. If you’re looking to get into dabbing, but don’t have any equipment to start, I’d definitely suggest checking out the store over at

PS. they have a sale through Valentine’s Day, so use the promo code “VDAY” for 10% off orders over $40.