Vice Documentary On YouTube Star Shoenice22 Who Will Eat Anything for Fame

If you spend some time on YouTube, you will probably come across videos of a ridiculous guy who eats all sorts of random stuff. Yes, Shoenice22. Vice recently made a mini-documentary about him, and he has a pretty interesting story. Shoenice22 explains that he’s spent the past two years eating and drinking everything from sticks of deodorant, to tampons, to full bottles of grain alcohol, in order to promote his goal of ending global hunger. He is also a medical marijuana patient and has used marijuana for 25 years to help him with Chrons disease.

5 Crazy Shoenice22 Videos (Do Not Attempt)

Shoenice22 Slams A Bottle of Vodka

Yes, this video is real (as shown in the documentary above). Obviously, Shoenice22 has a ridiculously high alcohol tolerance because most people would be near death after attempting that, so please don’t try it.

3 Beers No Hands In 37 Seconds

Another absurd video. I’m still not sure how he opens and chugs a beer that quickly with no hands.

Shoenice22 Eats A Stick of Deodorant

This just looks disgusting.

Shoenice22 Eats A Container of Wasabi

I’m starting to think that Shoenice22 can’t taste anything based on his ability to eat and drink disgusting things. A little bit of wasabi is really spicy, so I couldn’t imagine eating a whole container full of it.

Mentos and Coca-Cola Challenge Attempt

Everyone knows that Mentos and Coca-Cola don’t mix well, yet that doesn’t stop Shoenice22 from trying to mix them together.