Video: Strain Hunters Trinidad & St. Vincent Expedition (HD)

Check out this Strain Hunters documentary put out earlier this year about their trip to Trinidad & St. Vincent. Even though Trinidad is cracking down on marijuana, Strain Hunters managed to find the best herb that Trinidad has to offer as they explore the island. Most of the herb is hidden in small guerrilla-style grow fields in Trinidad due to the crackdown, but Strain Hunters manage to find growers that still produce quality marijuana.

They found different parts of Trinidad filled with ganja fields where the group lived the “pura vida” which is basically staying in a nice villa and smoking joints of great herb. The group then went to St. Vincent to meet some local growers, including one who had just been raided by the local cops. St. Vincent is the main supplier for the Caribbean and there is a whole network of growers and transporters that move the marijuana between the different islands.