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Screen Printing and Tile Making with FAILE


Another great video from Vice. They made a mini-documentary with Brooklyn-based artists FAILE on their permanent installation, The 104 North 7th Project. I had never heard of FAILE, but after this video and a little internet research, I found them pretty interesting. The artists are [...]

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Video: Canada’s War on Weed by Vice


Marijuana is a huge cash crop in British Columbia, and it opens the door to a lot of possibilities that people normally wouldn’t have access to. It’s reported that marijuana sales in the region of B.C. is worth around six billion dollars. The many Canadians [...]

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Video: Meet World-Renowned Illustrator Gary Panter by Vice


Gary Panter is arguably one of the most fascinating artists out there today. He is known for his off the wall comic illustrations as well as other interesting works of art. In this video you can take a peek into the mind of this very [...]

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Video: Sierra Leone’s Natural Aphrodisiac


Poyo is a drink that claims to hold magical powers that give the drinker power, money and, well, giant boners. What more could you ask for? Here you can find out how Poyo is made, what makes it special and what this interesting beverage is [...]

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Selling Weed Legally by Vice

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